Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel supported on your journey?

Once upon a time, we lived in communities where we were surrounded by an entire village of family and friends who were eager to help when we needed a break, a nap, a warm meal or a back rub. Fast forward to today and most mothers are living in isolation, hundreds of miles away from their own mamas, and feeling a lot of pressure to “keep up with The Joneses.” It’s not natural to do it all by yourself!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel supported on your journey? Wouldn’t it be even more amazing to do it all in a body that’s strong and healthy enough to keep up with an adventurous toddler or an  active teen?

Our mission is to give you the tools you need to not only survive this crazy ride of motherhood, but to thrive, and to have a body that can hold up to whatever motherhood throws at you.

We also want your kids to live and grow in bodies that are balanced and can function at their fullest potential. If left untreated, all of those minor childhood bonks and falls can lead to a dysfunctional system and, eventually, pain in adulthood.

We have a sweet spot for families who are looking to live a more holistic lifestyle and believe that feeling really good is what health care is all about.  At Luna, we believe that health isn’t merely the absence of disease. True health is a mindset that ties together a functional body and an open mind.

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I was having a lot of back/hip pain when I was pregnant. My OB recommended Dr Becky. I had no idea that pregnancy chiropractic was even a thing! But Dr Becky fixed my back and I had no more pain!! After a month of limping, I couldn’t believe what a relief it was and how much better I felt. I continued to see her during and after pregnancy, and she really has helped my back feel so much better. Plus she is super nice and friendly. Highly recommended!

J, mama of twins