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Our Approach to Holistic Health in Portland

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That oxygen mask anecdote, you know, the one where you need to put yours on first before anyone else? It's true. You are the cornerstone of your family’s health and wellbeing.  Everyone is waiting for their turn: your children, partner, parents, boss—-EVERYONE.  But lately, your reserves have hit rock bottom, and when there’s not enough for others, there’s certainly not enough for you.

Because here’s the truth: YOU GIVE SO MUCH and giving this much has left you depleted.  You don’t need to walk through this motherhood journey alone. We’re here to help you not only survive this crazy ride of motherhood, but to THRIVE!

Luna is a lovely welcoming space with the sweetest front desk staff around!
— Allie, mama of 2

We believe that self-care is medicine. 

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Our approach to mama self-care is accessible and holistic: It involves balancing lifestyle, nutrition, movement and spirituality supported by a COMMUNITY that will catch you when you fall.  We are a home away from home where you’ll find everything you need in ONE PLACE: massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, workshops, groups, AND childcare.

Doesn’t it sound lovely? Giving your body the love, care, and nourishment it deserves? Well, you can start that permanent self-care routine you crave by scheduling your complimentary wellness consult today. 

Are you ready for self care that will change your life? 



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I’m in my third trimester of my first pregnancy and body aches have started keeping me up at night. I now wake up feeling rested after my visits with Dr. Becky. She takes the time to work on your specific alignment and muscle issues and every pregnant mama should seek out her care!
— Jackie, mama of 1