Core Restore Sessions 

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your body since giving birth?

  • Have you tried to go back to your yoga or group exercise class only to leave with an aching back or stressed out joints?

  • Are you wondering when things will go back to "normal?"

Who is Core Restore For?

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If you’re a MOTHER, in any sense of the word, core restore is for you. Whether you had a vaginal delivery, a belly birth (aka C-section), a miscarriage or termination, your core has healing to do. These sessions will be helpful REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG AGO you birthed your baby. 

The “core” of the body consists of the diaphragm, pelvic floor, abdominal wall, low back musculature and the myriad of EMOTIONS and MEMORIES that are held there. 

Core Restore sessions address the WHOLE PERSON, mind and body. 

Every session consists of bodywork as well as movement therapy. In some cases, herbal and nutritional support may also be discussed. 

Every session gives you the opportunity to better understand and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. The goal of these sessions is to facilitate communication between the brain and the core, so that you feel CONNECTED to your body, without pain or restriction. 

What to Expect?

All sessions will involve some kind of BODYWORK. (a combination of gentle chiropractic manipulations/ soft tissue therapy/ Cupping/ Craniosacral Therapy/ Reiki) 

For most sessions, you will remain fully clothed, but to better access some areas, you may be asked to undress enough to expose the area that is being worked on. For C-section scar treatments and abdominal massage, you will be asked to expose your abdomen from the top of the pubic bone to the bottom of the rib cage. 

All session will also involve MOVEMENT/ rehab exercises. Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in, such as those that you would wear to a yoga or exercise class. Shoes are not necessary; socks are optional. 

All mats and props are provided. 

Do not eat a big meal before your session. 

Come to your session with an open mind!  

Why seek care? 

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Incontinence

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • C-section scar discomfort

  • Restricted movement or pain

  • Pregnancy (YES! We can do this work in pregnancy as well, and it will make your pregnancy and delivery easier)



If you're looking for a truly individualized approach to health and fitness, and you're ready to connect with your core on a deeper level, one-on-one therapy is exactly what you need! Private sessions are invaluable for catering to the unique needs of your fabulous body.

Becky treats abdominal wall and core dysfunction with a top down approach; She focuses on getting the brain communicating with the muscles that support the body and stabilize the spine, so that functional core movement becomes automatic. 

Single 60 minute session $160

The Core Restore Package:

FOUR private 60 minute sessions 

1 payment of $599

2 monthly payments of $299