Core Restore Sessions 

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Are you unsure of how to start exercising again since giving birth? Have you tried to go back to your yoga or group exercise classes only to leave with an aching back or stressed out joints?  Are you feeling a disconnect between your body and your mind? 

If you're looking for a truly individualized approach to fitness and are really ready to re-connect with your core, one-on-one therapy is just what you need! Private sessions are invaluable for catering to the unique needs of your fabulous body!

Becky treats abdominal wall and core dysfunction with a top down approach; She focuses on getting the brain communicating with the muscles that support the body and stabilize the spine, so that functional core movement becomes automatic. 


Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in, such as those that you would wear to a yoga or exercise class. Shoes are not necessary; socks are optional. Do not eat a big meal before your session. All mats and props are provided.

Private sessions are held at Luna Chiropractic in NE Portland. 

60 minute session $160