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Becky Higginson, DC

I’m Becky Higginson, the founder of Luna! I'm a chiropractor and a mama who believes YOU deserve the best possible nurture a mother can get. In fact, it’s the reason I created Luna Wellness. I had a heartfelt vision for creating a space where moms like us could gather, heal and build a community that promotes the kind of self-care that changes lives. Our approach to self-care is holistic. It involves balancing lifestyle, nutrition, movement and spirituality - supported by a COMMUNITY that will catch you when you fall.

WE are a family. A home away from home where you’ll find everything you need in ONE PLACE: massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, workshops, classes, groups AND childcare.

Doesn’t it sound lovely? Giving your body the love, care and nourishment it deserves? Well, you can start that permanent self-care routine you crave by scheduling your FREE WELLNESS CONSULT TODAY. Get a taste of what it feels like to be a Luna Wellness mama - a sanctuary where you have the tools and confidence to thrive.

Are you ready for self-care that will change your life?

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