Babies & Kids Chiropractic & Craniosacral Therapy

Babies, children, & teens benefit from chiropractic adjustments


Chiropractic care in the early years ensures your child’s little body and nervous system is functioning at their fullest potential.

Expert Chiropractic Care for Babies:

Even before babies are born, structural imbalances and nerve irritation can occur in the uterus from awkward fetal positioning and restriction of movement (known as intrauterine constraint). After spending the last few months of gestation in a cramped uterus, the process of being born can be intense. It is a tight fit, and babies often get pushed into uncomfortable positions while descending through the birth canal.

Giving your baby the best possible start, gently

The baby’s head plays a big role in the opening of the cervix, and large forces are placed on the infant’s delicate skull, neck and spine during the birthing process. These stresses are increased if interventions such as a vacuum or forceps are used. Cesarean births can also be traumatic for babies as they are extremely fast, and significant tractional forces are used to pull the baby out of a relatively small incision in the uterus. A thorough chiropractic evaluation is a vital step in giving your baby the best possible start. Newborn chiropractic treatment is extremely gentle, and it will help your baby feel comfortable in his body.

Conditions commonly treated in newborns:

  • Nursing & breastfeeding latch difficulties

  • Torticollis

  • Colic

  • Reflux

  • Breech presentation

  • Shoulder Dystocia

  • Difficult birth


My Baby A was born with a squished head — common in twins– which scared me. Becky simply “got it”, emotionally and as a doctor. In just a few treatments, she gently adjusted my baby in ways that brought her (my baby) to full and complete balance. I’m so grateful. I trust Becky. She’s the real deal. Heart, body and mind.

R, twin mama

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Pediatric chiropractic care during the first year and beyond:

Babies’ brains develop at an astonishing rate during the first years of life. Brain research has shown that most of the brain’s actual physical growth occurs during the first two years, when vital neural connections are being made. The spine grows 50% in length in the first year alone!

From Baby to Toddler: The somewhat "bumpy" ride


As babies transition into toddler-hood, there are frequent falls and bonks while learning to sit, crawl, stand and walk.

Older children’s bodies take a beating with all the running, jumping, climbing and rough play that goes along with being a kid, not to mention the hours spent hunched over at a school desk or carrying a backpack full of heavy books.

Over time, these minor injuries add up and may cause future problems and pain. Regular chiropractic visits during childhood support children’s overall health and well-being.

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