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Caring for the Whole

Thoughts and Tips on Cultivating True and Sustainable Self-care

In the US, we’re taught to pay attention to our bodies only when something is wrong— and the typical treatment is aimed at covering up the symptoms rather than finding the cause. 

  • Got a headache? Pop an aspirin.

  • Insomnia? Fill up with coffee and power through your day.

The average American is willing to spend hundreds of dollars every month to have the latest technology in their pocket, but balks at the thought of spending a quarter of that on a massage

At Luna, we genuinely believe that your health is your wealth! 

If you’re body isn’t functioning at its peak potential, it’s going to affect every single aspect of your life. 

Simply NOT being sick is not enough


Just like being happy is different than being “not sad,” being truly healthy is much different than being “not sick” or “not in pain.” 

Self care is more than getting a massage once a year on your birthday.  It’s all about the journey, and it’s a journey that takes dedication and consistency. 

Thought Exercise:

For many Americans, it still is a luxury

For many Americans, it still is a luxury

  • Do you HAVE to get your teeth cleaned every 6 months? No- but you will have fewer cavities and less decay if you do.

  • Do you HAVE to get your car’s oil changed every 3,000 miles? No- but it will run more efficiently if you do.

  • Do you HAVE to tune your bike up every spring? No- but it will be a smoother ride if you do.


The Root Structure of Pain & Discomfort 

The practitioners at Luna address the issues that your medical doctor won’t: We dig deep and find the root cause of the symptoms that are showing up in your body.

side effects vs. side benefits

And the rewards are infinite! While the side effects of medications are less than desirable things like weight gain, insomnia and moodiness, the side effects of regular bodywork include:

  • more restful sleep,

  • improved digestion

  • a more positive outlook on life


We want you to feel better.

and then, we want you to feel good– consistently

We had a heartfelt vision to create a space where people could gather, heal and be part of a community that promotes the kind of self-care that changes lives.

Our approach to wellness is accessible and holistic: It involves balancing lifestyle, nutrition, movement and spirituality supported by a COMMUNITY that will catch you when you fall.  

Doesn’t it sound lovely? Giving your body the love, care, and nourishment it deserves? 

There are plenty of quality places to get a decent massage, and we want you exploring & practicing consistent self care, even if it's not with us.


But if you want something more, and a truly holistic approach to your wellbeing, we've got you covered.

At Luna, we make it so SIMPLE to take care of yourself. Our memberships give you the very best deal on services while holding you accountable to get the care you need. 

Accessability & Affordablity are Key


We have some low commitment options, as well as huge discount for committing to a year of self care. 

Check out our options with the link below and shoot us an email if you have ANY questions! 

Are you ready for self care that will change your life?