Chiropractic for Kids

Join us every Tuesday afternoon for discounted kid’s treatments!*


Every Tuesday from 3:00-6:00pm, we offer discounted chiropractic treatments for school-aged kids (5-18years).

All kid’s treatments are ONLY $50.


Kids & Teens are Not Miniature Grown-Ups


A child’s body is structurally very different from an adult’s. Female bones continue to grow until age 18 and males until about age 21.

If your child is complaining of aches and pains or just seems “off,” don’t ignore it. Pain can show up as disrupted sleep, mood swings and lack of energy. When the body doesn’t feel good physically, every aspect of life is affected.


Why do kids need chiropractic?


Children’s bodies take a beating with all the running, jumping, climbing and rough play that goes along with being a kid, not to mention the hours spent hunched over at a school desk or carrying a backpack full of heavy books.

Over time, these minor injuries add up and may cause future problems and pain. Regular chiropractic visits during childhood support children’s overall health and well-being.

Every Tuesday afternoon, we offer $50 chiropractic treatments for kids 5-18 years old.

*Chiropractic visits are for wellness visits only