Congratulations! You're Pregnant! 


Hooray, You've  Made a Human!

(or are thinking about it!)


At Luna Wellness we are completely obsessed with busy mamas.

Buckle up! The family-building ride is so much faster & busier than you'd think! That's why it is so important to practice self care during every phase of the journey: from trying to conceive, to pregnancy, labor & delivery to post-natal  and the epic 4th trimester- these years busy, precious and short!

Everything we offer from massage, to chiropractic and acupuncture to child care and support circles is designed to make the transition into motherhood a gentle one.


Mom, you're not alone.


It doesn't matter which pregnancy this is for you, each one is wildly unique. Your get 9 months to establish healthy habits that will grow with you and baby for a lifetime. You simply have to make some smart, kind choices, and follow through. Above all, plugging into community and giving yourself the benefit of support can make a huge difference in stress levels during the birth year and beyond.


We hear it everyday from our Portland Moms: 

"I wish I'd done this sooner"

Hindsight is 20/20. So many of our clients say to us that they wish they had known about us earlier, and made more time for self-care during their pregnancy and during recovery and beyond. It's so easy to put yourself on the back burner when baby comes, but the MOST important gift you can give that baby is a healthy, happy mama.

Your pregnancy will fly by, there's a few smart things you'll want to do before, and immediately after baby comes:




Acupuncture is a potent modality for increasing fertility, supporting a healthy, balanced pregnancy, and helping you navigate your hormones post birth. It is safe, painless and profoundly effective.

Looking for a budget-conscious approach?




Chiropractic treatment sessions before, during and after pregnancy is a wise way to steer clear of common aches and pains associated with your evolving body. From pain relief, to preparing your body for labor, and recovering from childbirth, chiropractic care is a trusted effective way to carve out meaningful and healing time for yourself.


Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

Yes, you need expert massage therapy before, during and after childbirth. It will help balance your hormones, relieve pain, reduce stress and so much more. Prenatal massage is designed to help ease common ache and pains associated with your blooming body with a safe, smart approach. Our therapists re the best in Portland.


No seriously: it's better to give yourself momentary space, and come back to baby centered and refreshed. 

Yes we offer childcare! 

We support you by supporting your whole village. We've got you covered.

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An intelligent mix of multiple modalities to best address your prenatal care needs.

Luna was an amazing contribution to my prenatal care. I felt supported, peaceful and relaxed by simply making some time for myself!
— Cara

And Once Baby Gets here: Your Heart Explodes...


And your entire routine is thrown out the window to make space for the sweetest chaos you have ever know.

The best advice you didn't ask for:


Take a bit of time every damn day to take care of yourself. Take a shower. Take a bath. Make some tea. Get outside without baby.

Just for a few minutes if you can.

You will walk back in the door a better mother.

No seriously: it's better to give yourself momentary space, and come back to baby centered and refreshed.


What you need to do right now for yourself (and for baby)

  1. Book a Postnatal Chiropractic Session
  2. Schedule Post-Natal Massage 
  3. If you're breast-feeding, come ASAP to our FREE lactation support group

Learn more about our postpartum specialties!