Eleanor Gordon, LMT 

Describe a treatment with you?

My sessions follow a different path each time depending on what is found in this listening phase. I work from subtle to deeper fascial work and bone unwinding, it all depends on what the body is calling for in that moment. I would also say that I bring a good balance of determination to my work. I love the puzzle of each unique body and while I am mostly letting go of thoughts during the session to follow the clues that your body tells me, I am also using my Structural Integrationn training to help problem solve. The result is that while my sessions are very relaxing we often see dramatic positive structural shifts. This can happen right away, or even a few days or a week after the session. 

I love to encourage the dynamic potential for healing and change that is always bubbling to the surface in each one of us, no matter if we are aware of it or not. My goal is to give each client the tools to become embodied and self-aware as they move through the waves of life.

Favorite thing about your job?
I love that my job is holding space for people to just let go of stress and Be completely at ease with themselves. The healing space is a sacred place In our busy lives and I feel honored to be helping people find that space.  

Your ideal client?
Anyone who is willing to dive into the present moment experience in their body!


Favorite quote?

"This is the new now, NOW."
—Michael Stone

Where have you lived?
I was born in Eugene Oregon. I have lived in New York City, Mexico, Italy, Kauai and Portland! 


What makes you laugh the most?Having dance parties with my three year old. 

One thing you do every single day?

I try to get in our infrared sauna for 15 minutes a day and just relax, meditate and stretch. 


Spirit animal?

The sea otter. I love playing in the ocean and if I could be in warm salty water every day I would!

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