Iara Sapoznikow, LMT 

Describe a treatment with you? 

I strive to create an environment where my client can feel heard, held, and able to zone out and let their bodies unwind and heal. I can give deeper pressure for those who need it and can also keep the session more gentle. A session will usually include some passive stretches and range of motion of the joints, unless you prefer not to include them. 

Favorite thing about your job? 

My favorite thing about massage is the nurturing, relaxed, and attuned feeling that overcomes me when I get into a good flow.  

Your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone who allows themselves to fully receive, and who will take ownership of their session by making sure to let me know if they need anything adjusted. 

Where have you lived? 

various locations in NY, Bridgton Maine, Portland OR, Bend OR, and Kirkland, WA.  

What makes you laugh the most?

Contorted faces and voices. Also inside jokes with family and old friends. 

One thing you do every single day? 

Get outside to move my body in some capacity and breathe fresh air! 

What’s your spirit animal?

Kitty cat. Also otters 

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