Mandy Marziaz, DC

Describe a treatment with you?

I use a combination of chiropractic techniques to align your body. My treatments are gentle and effective. I believe in working with your nervous system rather than forcing your body. My techniques work well for all people including those with highly sensitive nervous systems. I also use gentle techniques and craniosacral therapy to treat babies and children.

Favorite thing about your job?

I am truly passionate about working with families and children. My post graduate training in pediatric chiropractic gives me the skills to help babies with lactation issues and children with neurosensory processing disorders, ADHD, digestive issues including reflux and colic, and boosts immunity and improves sleep.

Your ideal client?

My ideal patients are babies and kids: They respond quickly since they haven't been in compensation for as long as adults.

I also love helping adults who are chronically stressed out. My treatments focus on calming the nervous system and thus, offer them more vitality for their life.

Favorite quote?

"Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."

Where have you lived?

I am from New Jersey and have also lived in Texas, Colorado, and now beautiful Oregon.

What makes you laugh the most?

My dog makes me laugh everyday. Animals are so good for the souls and help relieve stress.

One thing you do every single day?

Every night at dinner, my husband and I say one thing we are grateful for. It helps even on the most stressful day to realize there is always something positive to focus on.

What’s your spirit animal?

A wolf because I have an appetite for freedom and follow my instincts. 

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