Nursing Mama Acupuncture/ Massage with Therapeutic Ultrasound

Benefits of ultrasound therapy include:

  • Unblock plugged milk ducts

  • Remove accumulated build up of toxins with in the breast tissue

  • Decrease or eliminate tension in chest, neck, shoulders and upper back

  • Improve flow of milk and promote complete drainage of  the breast during nursing

  • ***This can increase milk supply***

  • Reduce risk of mastitis

  • Relieve engorgement

  • Improve tonicity of skin

  • Reduce swelling from surgery or pms

What to expect during treatment:

A therapeutic breast massage is not painful.  Moist heat packs, therapeutic ultrasound,  gentle, soft tissue work and lymphatic drainage techniques are applied as needed to your shoulders, arms, under arms, chest, breasts, neck and upper back.   Acupuncture needles are strategically placed. As your fascia softens and circulation of blood, lymph and breast milk increases, your upper body will feel more open and relaxed.   

Plan on being well hydrated when you arrive, and if possible, pump, or nurse your baby just before coming to your appointment.  Sleeping babies are welcome to join you in the treatment room and also if you need to nurse during your treatment, no problem - we will work with you and your baby so everybody stays happy!