Portland's Expert Massage Therapy 

In addition to decreasing physical aches and pains, massage therapy has been shown to boost immune function, reduce stress and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression.


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Massage Therapy 

A variety of soft tissue release techniques will be used, and there will be communication with your therapist throughout treatment in regards to pressure and comfort.

  • 30 minute $55

  • 60 minute $100

  • 90 minute $135

  • Medical Massage $50/unit



Cupping enhances circulation, relieves pain, pulls toxins out from your body's tissues and is used as a safe treatment for respiratory issues. Cupping is a great addition to acupuncture and massage, but is also great on it's own! 

  • 30 minute session $70

* Add on cupping to your 60 0r 90 minute massage for an extra $15. 


Craniosacral Therapy

The craniosacral system consists of the membranes and fluids that surround and “cushion” the brain and spinal cord. The fluid is in constant motion, providing protection and nutrition to the nervous system. This gentle fluid movement produces the craniosacral rhythm.

  • 60 minute session $100

  • 90 minute session $135

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Massage/ Craniosacral Combo

This session is the best of both worlds! The first half of your treatment will consist of muscle melting massage techniques followed by bliss inducing craniosacral work.

  • 60 minute session $100

  • 90 minute session $135


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