Pregnancy Package

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re welcoming a new human into this world. How exciting! With that excitement, you may also be feeling not so comfortable.

The hormones, the nausea, the changes to your digestion, the rapidly expanding belly, the achy hips. While pregnancy is a beautiful event, it's also a major journey that requires a whole COMMUNITY of support.


It takes a TRIBE to raise a child, and here at Luna we believe that pregnant mamas need to be nurtured by that tribe as well.

So many women believe that they “should” be able to do this pregnancy thing without help, that they can tough it out.

Sure, you can absolutely do this alone, but WHY WOULD YOU!? It’s no surprise that learning to RECEIVE nurturing helps you to become a healthier mother and partner. 

And we all want that.

Research shows that women who get support throughout their pregnancy are more likely to have a SUCCESSFUL BIRTH, post-partum and mothering experience.

Our whole goal here at Luna is to nurture mothers and create a LOVING COMMUNITY for each and every person who steps through our door.

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We help put you in touch with yourself and your capabilities as a mother by teaching you how to receive help and health.

The discomforts and stress of pregnancy can be soothed by our team of pregnancy experts.

You don’t want to go somewhere that offers some prenatal care. You want to go somewhere where the whole focus is on pregnancy, birth preparation and post-partum.

Luna’s specialty is working with women on their journey to and through motherhood.

We have the BEST team to meet all of your pregnancy needs.

We are here to support YOU! You don’t have to do this alone.

You are meant to have a community of women to support you on this journey. Let us be yours!  


What's Included:

This pregnancy package is designed to ease discomfort, increase confidence in your body, and prepare your mind and body for labor, birth and motherhood.

  • 30 minute wellness consult

  • 12 chiropractic visits

  • 6 private acupuncture visits

  • 6 prenatal massages

*Any visits that are not used in pregnancy will carry over to postpartum. 


The treatments alone are valued at OVER $1,900 (SAVE 25%). The support and sisterhood that comes along with it are priceless! 


One payment of $1499

Three monthly payments of $539