Pregnancy & Postpartum Chiropractic

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care:

During pregnancy, your body may become misaligned as your center of gravity changes. Prenatal chiropractic care can reduce back pain and result in shortened labor.

Visiting a prenatal chiropractor prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a state of balance in the bony pelvis, muscles and ligaments. Proper pelvic alignment allows for a faster labor, with less chance of awkward fetal positioning.

One study showed that women who were adjusted during pregnancy had 25% shorter labors than women who were not. This percentage went up to 36% in women who were delivering their second or third babies.

Studies show that up to 80% of women will experience back pain during their pregnancies. It should go without saying that your body changes during pregnancy. The average weight gain of 25-35 pounds, combined with the stress placed on a woman’s body by the baby, can result in significant discomfort. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can decrease and even prevent the common aches and pains that go along with pregnancy.

Throughout pregnancy, mama-to-be’s center of gravity changes from day to day, as the belly grows and the spinal curves shift. Many women look for alternatives to pain medications and drugs during pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractic care is a safe and natural alternative for pain relief.

Common issues that respond well to prenatal chiropractic care include: low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, mid back and rib pain, and pubic symphysis dysfunction.


Benefits of Postnatal Chiropractic Care: 

If you feel overwhelmed after giving birth, you are not alone. 

The lack of attention given to new mothers in our society is disheartening. Gone are the days of being surrounded and guided by your “village” of grandmothers, mothers, aunties, and cousins. The “fourth trimester” is real, and new mamas need to take care of themselves as well as their families.

After completing the enormous task of growing and birthing a human being, new mamas are often left on their own to figure it all out. The demands of raising an infant combined with the hormonal roller coaster of motherhood, sleep deprivation, isolation, a body healing from childbirth, a weakened and overstretched core, and countless hours spent in hunched over positions (nursing, baby wearing, changing diapers) can wreck havoc on the body.

Why Should You See a Chiropractor Postpartum?

Postpartum support is not a luxury! Making the time to care for your physical and mental self after giving birth should be an essential part of your birth plan. Many physical, psychological and spiritual changes occur in the initial weeks postpartum. Six week postpartum checkups are typically brief encounters, where you may or may not be reminded to do your kegals. An entire year could easily go by between the postpartum farewell and the next check up. 

Postpartum chiropractic can bridge this gap in health care. New mamas should be adjusted shortly after giving birth to quicken recovery time and normalize overall pelvic and spinal bio-mechanics. Moms are encouraged to seek care as soon as possible after giving birth. Babies and older kids are always welcome to tag along at appointments.