Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage

The importance of touch is often neglected, despite a plethora of evidence to support it’s positive effects on physical and mental well-being. In addition to decreasing physical aches and pains, massage therapy has been shown to boost immune function, reduce stress and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. We believe caring touch should be an essential part of everyone’s wellness plan.

Our massage therapists all have extensive training and experience working with pre- and postnatal women, and we have a mountain of pillows and cushions to allow for a variety of positioning options.

Prenatal Massage:

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With proper positioning and technique, deep work can be incredibly beneficial in relieving pregnancy related pain, support optimal fetal positioning and assisting in proper pelvic alignment.

Postnatal Massage: 

Massage is the perfect way to re-enter the body after having a baby. Releasing tension from your birth and the early days with a baby will help you make a more complete recovery.

What To Expect:

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After discussing your unique needs with your massage therapist, you will undress to your comfort level and lie down on an amazingly comfortable heated table. A variety of soft tissue release techniques will be used, and there will be communication with your therapist throughout treatment in regards to pressure and comfort.