Sapna Khemlani, LAc


Describe a treatment with you? 

A treatment with me is inspiring, relaxing, awakening and relieving. I exercise patience in a treatment and hold a great value in communicating with you as to what you want and how you want to feel after the treatment. The more time we spend together the deeper relationship we can grow.  I enjoy educating my patients in helpful tips that they can do on their own and provide a clear roadmap for you. I strive for my patients to feel comfortable and safe and most importantly feel they can depend on me. I will be your biggest cheer leader and hold your hand to remind you that you are not alone on this road to healing. 

Favorite thing about your job? 

I love talking with my patients while inserting the needles and understanding you and what you need.  I am so thankful to have found this beautiful medicine that can be helpful for all sorts of ailments. The look of ease on your face while you rest truly makes my day. To be able to give that feeling of true relaxation is what I aspire for and Acupuncture has the beauty of doing just that.  Being an Acupuncturist truly feeds my soul, so I would like to say Thank You for allowing me into your space. 

Your ideal client? 

You! I enjoy all types of people and working with all types of struggles. I love working with mama’s and mama’s to-be. Ideally, I would love to support you through your pregnancy and then support you through your transition into motherhood and even extend my healing hands to your kiddo(s).

Favorite quote? 

“He is able who thinks he is able”

Where have you lived?

I have spent some in Boulder, Colorado which I love but I am a true Portland Native! I love the Pacific Northwest.

One thing you do every single day?

Snuggle my German Sheppard  

What’s your spirit animal?

An Elephant!


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