The Slow Down Special

Give Yourself the Gift of Grace

As we transition from the hot/yang days of summer to the cooler/yin days of fall, everything starts to turn inward and SLOW DOWN: It’s the perfect time of year to pause and take extra care of your body.

Embrace the mellowing.

The hustle and bustle of August and the urgency of wanting to fit ALL THE THINGS into the last few weeks of summer can leave you feeling depleted and exhausted. 


We’re here to help! (Affordably!)

Luna Wellness is offering an end of summer package to help you ease into fall feeling rested and refreshed!


For many, September marks the end of summer and the start of the season of STRESS! As soon as fall sets in, we dive head first into managing new routines and school schedules, and soon holiday related tasks.

Before the chaos hits, give yourself a little TLC. Taking care of your body is one of THE BEST ways to lower stress levels and keep you on an even keel.


Luna’s Slow Down Special

What's Included?

  • 60 minute full body massage

  • 60 minute Craniosacral session

  • UNLIMITED love & encouragement.

All for just $169

The treatments are valued at $250, you save $81!

Ease into the Season


Gift yourself with time to relax and receive some pampering. The downtime will help you to transition into autumn feeling refreshed, NOURISHED & ready to take on whatever the season throws at you!