Specialty Services

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C-Section Scar Treatment

Cesarean scars have a major effect on the body’s ability to function properly, and can restrict movement in any part of the body. 

  • 60 minute treatment $120

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Nursing Mamas Acupuncture/Massage with Therapeutic Ultrasound  

This therapeutic breast massage is extremely relaxing and totally safe for breastfeeding mamas and their babies. It can help to unclog blocked ducts and regulate engorgement.

  • 30 minute session $80


Mayan Abdominal Massage

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® address position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs. The work is best known for the correction of the prolapsed, fallen, or tilted uterus, remedying common digestive disorders, fibroid tumors, endometriosis, and cesarean delivery adhesions.

  • Initial (90 minute) session $160

  • Follow up (60 minute) session $120


Massage & Cupping

Cupping enhances circulation, relieves pain, pulls toxins out from your body's tissues and is used as a safe treatment for respiratory issues. It is a great addition to massage.

  • 60 minute session $120

  • 90 minute session $155


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth heated stones placed on specific points on your body. The heat and weight of the stones warms and relaxes muscles and soothes the nervous system.

  • 60 minute session $120

  • 90 minute session $155


Thai Table Massage

Thai Table massage consists of passive stretches, deep compressions, and active mobilization of joints done fully clothed on a comfortable massage table.

*NOT performed in pregnancy.

  • 60 minute session $120

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Breech Baby Treatment (60 minutes)

The combination of acupuncture and Moxa have been used for centuries to help with baby positioning and to prepare the body for labor. 

60 minute visit for $100

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Birth & Labor Prep (60 minutes)

Pre-birth acupuncture helps to prepare mama-to-be's body for birth, with an emphasis on preparing the cervix and pelvis for labor. 

Labor prep is ideally started by week 36 of pregnancy, but is helpful at any point. 

60 minute visit for $100


Mother Warming (60 minutes)


Mother warming is a Moxa technique used to help the mother recover and restore energy after giving birth. This treatment can give relief and aid healing to any tender areas and help tone the uterus. Acupuncture points are used to nourish the post-birth body and promote stamina. 

Mother warming is ideally done at 4 days- 4 weeks postpartum. 

60 minute visit for $100