Stress Remedy 

We all know that stress is terrible for us, but with the pace of modern society, it's nearly impossible to avoid. For those days when 24 hours is just not quite enough, we're here for you!

shoulder massage.jpeg

Our Stress Remedy treatment is like a mini vacation from your chaotic day: We've designed this session to fit perfectly into your lunch hour!   

This 30 minute session includes CUPPING and ACUPUNCTURE: a magical combination to ease stress and tension while increasing circulation, regulating energy flow and balancing the emotions. Acupuncture points to support immune function are also stimulated.

Cupping of the upper back and shoulders helps to release muscular tension, while optimally positioned needles ease worries and calm the anxious mind. 

You will leave feeling nourished, refreshed and ready to tackle you never ending to-do list. You're welcome. 

  • Single Session $70