Summer of (Self) Love


We adore summer! Barbecues, pool parties, campfires and late night star gazing are dreamy, but the non-stop fun in the sun can leave you feeling  burnt out. Even in the midst of summer’s bustling activity, it’s essential to make self-care a top priority.

This Summer : Build In Essential Time for YOU!

This summer, we invite you hit the pause button, slow down and carve out a little "me time." Creating some time in your packed social calendar for self care is exactly what you need. 

We're kicking off summer with our best deal ever: 

Over FOUR hours of self-nurture wrapped up with a pretty price tag! 

  • Two (60 minute) muscle melting massages
  • Two (60 minute) stress relieving acupuncture sessions 
  • 30 minute wellness consult to help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals this summer. 
  • Complimentary childcare while receiving services
  • Unlimited love, support and high fives! 

All of this for only $276! 

Are you ready for self care that will change your life? 


Remember: FREE Child Care During Your Session!



Focus on what fuels you.  

Taking care of yourself sends a vibe into the world that you want to be the best version of yourself.  A 30 minute wellness consult will give you the tools you need to meet all of your health and wellness goals this summer. 


Hit pause and take some time to rest. 

In addition to decreasing physical aches and pains, massage therapy has been shown to boost immune function, reduce stress and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression.




Banish burn out and feel rejuvenated. 

Acupuncture influences the flow of energy in your body, and helps restore balance and vitality. Treatments are customized to your particular needs while you relax, rest and often sleep!

*Visits must be redeemed between June 1st-August 31st, 2018