Wellness Packages


Pregnancy Package  $1499

Being pregnant can feel a bit like running a marathon. If ever there were a time to allow others to nurture you, this is it! Our prenatal packages give you the ultimate support on your journey. 


Birth Prep Package    $549

The last few weeks of pregnancy are when mama-to-be should be nourishing her self and preparing for the enormous job of birthing her baby. 

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Breech Baby Package $349

If your baby is hanging out in an less than optimal position, this package is for you. The combination of acupuncture, MOXA and chiropractic care can be magical. 

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Postpartum Package  $549

Postpartum support is NOT a luxury! Making the time to care for your physical and mental self after giving birth should be an essential part of your birth plan. This package will help you re-connect with your self after baby, both physically and mentally. 

New Baby Package  $549

Welcome to the world little one! Even the itty-bittiest bodies need nourishment and loving touch. 

...Coming Soon! 

Postpartum Core Restore $599

Are you feeling disconnected from your core since giving birth? Are you eager to get back into an exercise routine, but unsure of where to start? This package will help you to connect with your fabulous post-baby body!