Kate Pope, LMT 

Describe a treatment with you?

I like to start every treatment, whether you have never worked with me before or whether you have seen me dozens of times, by asking what you need want/need out of the treatment today.  This way I can begin to tailor a treatment that meets you where you are in that moment. As a practitioner of Mayan and Chinese abdominal massage your treatment may include abdominal bodywork, but it may also including deep tissue, relaxing Swedish massage and or cupping. The depth or pressure of my bodywork varies greatly depending on your needs, and those who prefer firm, therapeutic work are generally well satisfied.  

Favorite thing about your job?

The patients - I love helping people show love for themselves through self care.   

Your ideal client?

Someone open to the possibility of change.   

I also have a soft spot for postpartum and pregnant women.  As a former labor doula, I am passionate about making holistic care for women's health more available.  To this end I have chosen to specialize in the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy, a style of massage focused on supporting the health of the uterus and, by extension, general organ and pelvic health. It is amazing work for every body, but especially for every women no matter what phase of life she is living in. 

Favorite quote?

"The universe does not have laws.  It has habits.  And habits can be broken."

—Dr. Dannyboy in  Tom Robins' Jitterbug Perfume

Where have you lived?

Born and partly raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I consider this home. From there I lived in Indiana, Michigan and Portland, Oregon. 

What makes you laugh the most?

I would have to say life.  I tend to find the joyful or at least laughable angle in any situation.  

One thing you do every single day?

Dance! - oh and hug someone.  

What’s your spirit animal?

River Otter!  Joyful movement 

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