Postpartum Core Rehab

For healthcare and fitness professionals

  • Do you want to be a greater resource to new moms who are struggling to reconnect with their post baby body? 

  • Do you feel confused by all of the conflicting advice out there for new mamas in regards to exercising after baby? 

  • Do you want to know the latest research in regards to diastasis recti and healing the postpartum core?

This class is for healthcare and fitness professionals who work with postpartum women. In this 6 hour class, you will learn all about diastasis recti and the postpartum core. Class will cover in depth anatomy of the postpartum body, including the effect of hormones, food, sleep and stress on recovery. You will leave feeling confident working with clients immediately after birth, and you will also be given a screening tool to know which ones should be referred out. 

Becky teaches classes based in motor control theory: In order for the core to function properly, the brain must be communicating with the muscles of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor.  


By the end of this class you will: 

Understand the unique anatomy of the postpartum body.

Understand proprioceptive and motor control changes present in postpartum women. 

Know proper screening questions, precautions and red flags unique to postpartum women. 

Be able to perform a thorough abdominal wall evaluation.

Know all the latest research in regard to daistasis recti and the postpartum core. 

Know the key people to have in your referral network. 

Know how to work with and rehabilitate pregnant women from day one after birth. 

Have a list of safe and effective exercises for postpartum moms. 

Next Class: Saturday, February 16, 2019 in Portland, OR 


Early registration (30 days prior to class) $249

Becky Higginson, DC 

Becky Higginson, DC is a mama of three wild and crazy boys and is the founder of Luna Wellness Center in Portland OR, a holistic center focused on the treatment of pregnant and postpartum women. 

She graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 2007 and has focused her entire career on treating moms and moms-to-be with a heart-centered and evidence based approach

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